Widely considered among the world’s finest luxury refrigeration products, Sub-Zero offers a line of cooling appliances to suit any kitchen design and cooling need. Sub-Zero products are not only beautiful and energy-efficient, they are long lasting, built to last for decades. US-made Sub-Zero has been a leader in food preservation since 1945.

When you have a Sub-Zero in your kitchen, you have not just a refrigerator, you have a complete food preservation system. Foods stay fresher longer, thanks to the separate, sealed refrigeration and freezing compartments that operate independently to keep foods at ideal temperatures. Air purification keeps strong odors like cheese and onions from contaminating other foods, and controlled humidity keeps foods from drying out.

With a variety of styles and sizes ranging from professional to under-counter cooling and wine storage, Sub-Zero is the first choice of discerning designers and homeowners everywhere.

We know how important it is to keep your refrigerator running so we work to diagnose and repair your refrigerator as efficiently as possible. If your refrigerator temperature is fluctuating, frost is building up or it is taking more energy to run, call Northeastern Appliance Service and schedule your repair with one of our professional repair technicians.

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